The Dog Window Pet Fence Story

I just couldn't keep this a secret anymore.  My friends and neighbors thought we should share this with the world.

People love their pets as we love our dog.  Well my husband and myself decided we wanted more privacy and a space for the dog to run around and play so we built a fence.  We do walk our dog twice a day but he likes to be outside more on nice days, as dogs do. Before we began, I told my husband, what about the dog?  He asked what do you mean what about the dog?  I said "he has always been able to watch the world go by and now we are closing him in.  All he will every see is the four walls in the house and now the fence."  I asked him "please do something so the dog can see."  What he did I could have never imagined!  The fence is beautiful and people stop and ask, "What is that space in your fence for?" and we tell them, "its our "Dog Window."  Needless to say we love and spoil our dog.

This is Sam, our 7 year old Corgi Mix. The inspiration for the Dog Window Pet Fence
Sam loves his Dog Window Pet Fence.



Happy Dogs Have A Dog Window Pet Fence

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Happy Dogs Have A Dog Window Pet Fence